Jul 28, 2009

Fresh-air artwork

I've found the Disney Store online outlet to be a great place to get gifts for kids once they go on clearance.

I'm on the lookout pretty much year-round, because we are responsible for taking 13 gifts to the beach each year to celebrate all the kids' birthdays together. They're supposed to be as similar as possible -- if not identical -- to reduce infighting, and this year I was thrilled to find Disney character acrylic paint sets on sale for $3.99 each back around Christmas. I quickly grabbed a whole collection of them and saved them for the beach.

Nathaniel and Nicholas have been dying to work on theirs, so I finally pulled them out, covered the table on the deck with newspaper, and let them go at it.

Nathaniel worked on Buzz Lightyear.

Nick worked on Mickey and Pluto.

They painted and painted and painted for over an hour, trying to get everything "just right."

To me, this is even better than the paint-by-numbers things we did when I was growing up. The canvas (real canvas!) has the colors you're supposed to use printed very lightly on it, and you just paint right over it.

They were so proud of their creations! I hung them up on nails in the playroom so they can admire their handiwork daily.

We may not be budding professional artists, but it was a great way to spend a summer evening!


Sarah T. said...

They did a great job--have you ever done shrinky dinks with them? Do those even exist anymore?

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I haven't done Shrinky Dinks with them yet, but it seems like someone (you?) gave them a set a long time ago. I can't remember where they went ... I think at the time I was worried about the choking hazard, so I put them away somewhere to do around NOW. I'm glad you reminded me, so I can look for them.

Anonymous said...

I think they did a great job! I love Pluto.

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