Jul 21, 2009

Family is the greatest gift of all

My sister flew in for a visit last week from her home in Jackson, Wyo., and I was so sad to see her go on Sunday afternoon. We won't see her again until Christmas, and twice a year simply isn't often enough!

My parents were here for the second half of the week, as well, and the boys loved having so many people around to lavish attention on them! They've had a July so full of love and laughter with all of their favorite people, first at the beach and then here at home.

Sunday afternoon we tried to get some good pictures of the kids with Sarah Ellen. We were roughly 70 percent successful.

Note to parents trying to get young boys to smile: Just because you hear them saying "CHEESE" doesn't mean that the expression on their face is a smile.

Note to self: Just because you THINK you've hidden your socks-with-Crocs behind your back doesn't mean that you were SUCCESSFUL.

Mom had already driven home by the time we finally got around to taking pictures, but we got one with Dad.

I am short.

After we finished with pictures, the boys ALL wanted to jump on the trampoline. However, Jakey isn't quite there yet. He needs a lot of one-on-one time with the trampoline before he will reach anything resembling competence, and unfortunately, he's never been granted time on the trampoline alone. THESE TWO OTHER GUYS ALWAYS GET IN THE WAY.

Luckily he thinks they're a real hoot.

He just laughs and laughs at their antics.

Quick! Somebody get me a spoon. I have to eat this one up.

Nathaniel and Nick have been jumping for so many years that they just go crazy out there. Lately they've taught themselves how to do front flips. I wish I'd gotten a picture of that, but I didn't. Maybe next weekend.

Probably just a few more months until this one will DEMAND to jump on the trampoline.



Melanie said...

wow... In that last picture, Jake looks a LOT like Grayson.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I know! I totally agree!

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