Jun 7, 2009

Spring (feels like summer) family photos

We have a friend with a wonderful talent for photography who took our pictures at Aldridge Gardens recently. I'm so pleased with the way that she captured our boys' sweet personalities!

Nathaniel is an avid tree climber, and one of his all-time favorite climbing trees is at Aldridge Gardens.

Jake can't climb trees yet, but he loves to climb on shorter things, such as benches, couches, laps ... and I think his hair is going to lighten up quite a bit this summer, as the other boys' did when they were little.

This picture encapsulates who Jake IS. If his paci isn't IN his mouth, he's got his eye on it and he's going to PUT it in his mouth asap.

Nick, or as his teachers at school call him, "Dimples," loved playing Peek-a-Boo with Jake from behind this tree.

And here are the bigger boys being wonderful big brothers. Jake is just learning to walk (video finally coming later this week!), and he's so very proud of himself.

We enjoy times of peace and happiness ...

... as well as times of great playfulness.

As we enter into the new summer season, we are also so grateful for this Season of our Lives, the one that is blessing us every day with new memories with our boys!

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Megan @ Hold it Up to the Light said...

LOVE Aldridge Gardens....we actually got some great pics there last year. Thanks for reminding me to head back! That's on my agenda for the week!

Hate we couldn't do dinner tonight. Can't wait to find time before Summer is over!

Have a great week!

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