Jun 29, 2009

Hot. Hot. HAWT.

Over the course of Sunday -- and contributing to the migraine I mentioned in the previous post -- the temperature in our house reached 82 degrees. Inside. I repeat, INSIDE.

The A/C unit that serves our upstairs level is broken. We have had it serviced regularly since we've owned our house (10 years in November), and over the years have poured more than a couple of thousand dollars into it.

Today we got the news that we can either put $1,500 into it to get us through the summer, or pay $4,000 and get a new unit. As painful as it is, I think we're going to have to go with the new unit. Otherwise, that $1,500 will be more money on top of what we've put into it the last three summers in a row, and that just seems foolish. We would then have a 16-year-old unit with one new part.

Could this COME at a worse time? I guess it could. But I can't think of when that would be.

Minuses of This Situation
- $4,000
- This in no way helps Grayson get a job.

Pluses of This Situation
- This morning the house was sufficiently hot enough that my eyeliner and lipstick had melted just a little bit, so they went on like buttah.

How's that for a silver lining?

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