Jun 29, 2009

The Great Heat of Aught-Nine

Some people live-blog awards shows. Some people live-blog sporting events. Over here at Grass Stains, we live-blog air-conditioning outages.

Here we are at 9:47 Central Time, and it's still 85 degrees upstairs. I'd hoped to
be able to catch it a little cooler, but I was out of luck.

I might give it the old college try one more time before I go to bed.

I did go in to check on the boys about an hour ago. They said, "Mommy, it's not really too bad." But the hair matted to their heads and the sweat running in rivulets down their faces gave them away. So
I offered them a "campout in the playroom." Needless to say, they jumped at the opportunity.

Jakey is still in his crib ...

Although there's a sweat spot where his forehead just was, and his hair is curling up and sticking to his head, his skin isn't too warm and he is sleeping peacefully. I have his overhead fan on full-blast, and it seems to be cooling him a little bit. I also just have him in PJ bottoms, not the tops. I'll check on him again in an hour ... taking him to our bed would just be more of the same, but I could always bring him down to the den with me. I keep telling myself, just 14 months ago he was living in 98.6-degree heat 24/7. This might feel like a balmy vacation to him.

I won't be able to update with news of the new A/C until after work tomorrow, but pray with me that it gets installed quickly. These Alabama summer days don't play around.

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