Jun 16, 2009


This is an embarrassing admission, because it's going to make me look like I have a problem that I DON'T have.

Late last week, Grayson made me a salad for supper. I went to grab my favorite dressing from the fridge (Zoe's Kitchen Greek Oil & Vinegar, not on their Web site), but we were almost out. So I surveyed to see what else we had in case I wanted to go another route. I found this one:

I looked at it to see if it would go well with my prepared salad, and ultimately I decided that it wasn't a good match.

GOOD THING, because I was MORTIFIED when I took a closer look at the label and noticed this:

JUNE 10th, FREAKING 2005? What the heck?

You are talking to a girl who won't drink the milk if it's one day past the expiration date, which as people like to tell me, is actually the Sell By date, not an Expiration Date. Really? Then I think it ought to SAY "Sell By" on it, like the bakery items do. Until they start doing that, I'm not going anywhere near June 12th milk on June 13th. No siree, Bob.

So it was a real shock to my system to find this dressing in our fridge. The funny thing is that it has never been opened. This is probably largely due to the fact that neither of us really likes Caesar dressing, and we can't figure out why we have it at all. I think I may have bought it to use in a recipe that I never made.

At any rate, IT'S IN THE TRASHCAN.


Sarah T. said...

You know what I'm thinking, so I won't write it.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Yes, sister, I do. I almost dedicated this post to you.

brightleigh said...

Hey at least you didn't pour it on your salad without looking at the date first. I have done that! I can definitely relate to this post!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Leigh, I ALWAYS check the label, even if something came from the store that very week. I am VERY crazy about expiration dates. I know that comes as a complete shock, since I'm not crazy over anything else. :)

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