Jun 14, 2009

At least they bring flowers

During the summer, especially, a lot of our daily forecasts call for "scattered showers." And historically speaking, "scattered showers" always seem to "scatter" on me.

While driving to work one day last week, I snapped some pictures which really captured this phenomenon well. In this picture, you can see the regular sky on either side of this rain cloud, with the rain falling just over the hilltop. It looked like it was raining directly on downtown, which is where I was headed.

P.S. If you live in some other part of the country and are about to move to Birmingham, the back side of a K-mart and a cement guardrail aren't really indicative of the overall beauty of our fair city.

As I continued to drive, looking straight ahead instead of to my right, you can see ANOTHER scattered shower, falling right into my path. Again, clear skies to the left and right.

Here's a better picture of the same rain cloud with the blue sky all around it.

Back to the rain cloud we originally saw when I looked to the right (first picture), and it's directly over (surprise, surprise) my office building. OF COURSE IT IS.

The rest of the city was surrounded by this beautiful blue sky (again, People from Outside our Fair State, ignore the blah scenery), and I was headed into the eye of the drizzle. It was raining over approximately 12 square blocks of our county, and it was the 12 square blocks I had to go to. Blech.

It did clear up some later that day, but it's just funny that whenever there's a 10% chance of rain, it seems to me that I PERSONALLY have 100% chance of rain.

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