Jun 2, 2009

'Assistance needed in toiletries ...'

On Sunday I was appalled to open up my Q-tip container to find THIS:

Q-TIP EMERGENCY. Q-TIP EMERGENCY! This sort of thing never happens to me. I'm usually very careful to have plenty of toiletries on hand, and if the supply gets low, I put the item on our Wal-Mart list. As a matter of fact, I usually have TWO of most items on hand, and I put an item on the list when I get down to one -- so that this very situation never occurs. See?

Two bottles of hairspray, deodorant, Clinique Clarifying Lotion, body wash, eye drops and contact solution (plus some extra samples!). Three loofahs and rolls of cotton squares. Eight or 11 razors. Six toothbrushes. Four packs of tissue.

So, given this evidence, you can see why I was so flummoxed to find myself left with ONE LOUSY Q-TIP. I use them every day. This was a problem.

But YESTERDAY, all of that changed. Grayson picked them up for me at Wal-Mart:

And all is right with the world.


Sarah T. said...

I have to keep reminding myself NOT to buy deodorant, because I have about 5 unused ones at home. It's just one of those items I feel like I should always grab if I think about it, but I have recently found that I've been over-stocking.

But I avoid Q-tips like the plague, because I apparently do not know how far to (or how far NOT to, rather) stick them in my head. One ruptured eardrum and about 5 ear infections from post-Q-tip-trauma have convinced me that my ears are self-cleaning.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I can see you, standing in the deoderant aisle at Albertson's or somewhere, whispering to yourself, "Don't buy deoderant. Don't buy deoderant. You don't need it. You have five of them at home. Aw, screw it." And then you grab one and throw it in your cart.

brightleigh said...

Ahhhh...a toiletry stockpiler...a girl after my own heart--except your stockpile looks a lot neater than mine. That is one of my goals this summer to become more organized behind all the closed doors in my house--cabinets, closets,etc. I love q-tips by the way and in case of an emergency such as yours, I always keep a stash in my travel bag.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Leigh, I'm glad to know there's more than one of me out there. :)

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