May 29, 2009

Public service announcement, part deux

Danielle (blog designer extraordinaire) asked her readers today which summer shows we're most looking forward to. (I was going to be grammatically correct and type "the summer shows to which we're most looking forward," but that sounded asinine. Agree?)

So here's my contribution to her Fab Friday request, complete with premiere dates (!) -- because I know you depend on me for exactly this type of critical information:

6/7 - Next Food Network Star
6/8 - My Life on the D List
6/10 - Top Chef: Masters
7/19 - HGTV Design Star
8/20 - Project Runway

Two shows I'm ALREADY enjoying this summer are So You Think You Can Dance (also known as SYTYCD, for those "in the know") and The Fashion Show (which is Bravo's replacement for Project Runway, since the Weinsteins bolted for Lifetime). And of course I'll be watching the previous season of Weeds while THIS season debuts, because I watch it on iTunes, which is always a season behind. But Weeds is "racy" -- to say the least -- so I'm not going to recommend it. It doesn't exactly fit in with my Core Values, but it IS entertaining TV to me.

If I'm missing anything that YOU love, let me know!

1 comment:

Megan @ Hold it Up to the Light said...

Yeah....I love Weeds, too (and Big Love is another big fave)! Values, schmalues....jk!

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