Apr 4, 2009

Things I love: at Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn is my checking account's nemesis. I have as much of a "problem" with it as I do with PB Kids. And PB Bed & Bath, if I'm being honest.

Sometimes it's not even the furniture or household item that I must have ... it's actually WORSE than that. I see a styled room in the magazine, and I want the WHOLE ROOM, walls, floors and all. It's a disease, people.

For instance, I don't really want the drapes in this picture (although I'd take them in a heartbeat). I WANT THE WINDOW SEAT AND THE VIEW. Oh, to have that in my house (she sighed, wistfully). Don't you just EXHALE when you look at this picture?

If I stood too close to this apothecary cabinet, I'd leave drool stains on it. I LOVE painted furniture, all the better if it's a little distressed. Pre-distressed furniture is really nice when you have children who will distress a new piece of furniture whether you like it or not.

Now, how can we improve upon this chest? Let me think ... OH YEAH. Put two of them side by side. OUTSTANDING! And I'll take the TV and the accessories, too, thankyouverymuch.

Hmmm. What ELSE do I want from PB this month? Oh, riiiiiiiiight. I forgot. These two bath consoles have been on my wishlist since I first saw them a few years ago in the catalog. And I mean, people, THEY ARE ON MY LIST. I have the pictures cut out in my expandable file folder titled "Home." And when I went to the Web site to pull the digital files so I could share them with you, I saved the first one to my laptop as "mybathconsole" and the second one as "boysbathconsole."

Really, I love everything about Pottery Barn. I mean, when you go to the Web site and they have a category specifically titled "Storage and Entryway" as a subsection of "Furniture and Upholstery," how can that NOT still your beating heart? They had me at "Storage" ... but then they hit it out of the park with "and Entryway." The only thing I want more than a rec room in my house is a mudroom. This one would be PERFECTION, except that Scout might tear up that chair. You could talk me into a different chair.

And lastly, this one caught my eye in this week's catalog. I don't have an outdoor space (or year-round climate) that would allow this type of furniture, but you can bet your bottom dollar that if I did, I'd snap this set up right after I won the lottery. De-lish!

I'm window-shopping for now, but one day maybe we'll be able to haul some of this stuff home!


Sarah T. said...

I've always liked the apothecary chest, but it's functionality, or rather over-functionality, never made sense to me. What would you put in all those drawers, and even if you had stuff to put in them, how would you remember what was in which drawer? The only way I think it could truly be functional is if you labeled the drawers, but that would ruin the aesthetics of it entirely.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

You are obviously not as painfully well-acquainted with the apothecary chest as I am. Lots of the drawers are actually not drawers, but are cabinet doors with shelving behind them. Genius!

Anonymous said...

Hi Katherine, I love this apothecary chest as well - the colors, the distressing... I thought the drawer were individual as well, how clever, to keep the design but instead use cabinet doors. Didn't notice those hinges first time around.

My favorite client's home is multi-million dollar estate, large in size, yet when you enter it, it feels wonderfully comfortable and just like home. The reason, I think, is because she mixes it all up - traditional office furniture then a beat up treasure from a yard sale.

Anonymous said...

oh forgot to mention, that same client has that killer mudroom locker cabinet from PB that you showed!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Hi, Fabulous! Thanks for checking in. My husband calls the Pottery Barn catalogs my porn. So true, so true. I don't need a multi-million-dollar home, but I'd love to have a half-million-dollar home with $100,000 worth of Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware furniture in it. I know it's mass-produced and not "fine furniture," but I can't help what I love!

DJmadier said...

The important feature of the trend in modern Distressed Furniture seems to be the addition of decorative lines which have little relation to structural forms.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

DJmadier, I'll have to take your word for it! I don't have enough knowledge about furniture to make that kind of distinction, but thanks for commenting.

Anonymous said...

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