Apr 2, 2009

Hello, visitors!

Um, hello, People New To My Blog! I was at a charity event tonight, away from the computer for the entire evening ... I wondered what the heck was going on when I kept getting Comment Notifications on my phone about a post that was a few weeks old.

Then when I got home, I found that sweet Patrice had linked to me from SuperBlog! I am humbled that she felt like that post was worthy of a link-to, and thankful to all who left kind comments.

As you know from reading Patrice's blog, she, Matt and Jonah are special, special people ... among the "specialest" in the world. In a time when some people continually let you down -- whether it's
friends, co-workers, celebrities, politicians -- it is good for our souls to meet and get to know, even in the Internet-bound virtual sense, some Good People. And folks, Matt and Patrice are some Good People.

Sometimes blogging can feel very one-sided, and it's been so refreshing to see people from all corners of the world rally around little Jonah. Our entire family -- all sides of it -- have felt so blessed by everyone's encouragement; most of us read every comment every day. I personally experience a renewal of spirit daily just from the helpful nature of Patrice's (and my) readers.

Thank you again for taking this journey with us and for being so giving of your time, thoughts and experiences.

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