Mar 18, 2009

You'd think he was eating for two

Meet Jake.

Jake is what you would call a Prodigious Eater. At 9 months, he completely quit allowing himself to be fed by anyone else, so even though he didn't have his pincer grip down pat yet, I had to find foods that he could sort of palm and then wrangle into his mouth All! By! Himself! Any attempt to facilitate the eating of the food was met with short bursts of irritated screams and flailing arms (which resulted only in food being flailed to the floor).

I took these pictures when he was already on his second helping of strawberries. That child can put away some fruit. A typical meal consists of a pasta dish like spaghetti or mac & cheese, two fruits (his favorites are bananas and pears), two slices of American cheese, some snack puffs and diluted apple juice.

Believe me when I tell you that when he finished what is pictured here, PLUS a second helping of mac & cheese, there was only one lone scrap of wheat bread left on the tray.



Sarah T. said...

He obviously takes it very seriously.

Megan @ Hold it Up to the Light said...

Maybe it's a third child thing....Greer is the same way. I bet they are afraid someone will take their food away!

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