Mar 2, 2009

Update on Little Jonah

Today Jonah took a little more breastmilk from the bottle, although he spit up a good but later one. Still, it's encouraging that he was willing to give a couple of good sucks when presented with the bottle!

Specific prayer requests from Patrice tonight:

- that he will keep breathing strongly and that tomorrow we can remedy the pulse-ox situation (find a way to keep the pulse-ox monitor on him)
- that he will eat so that he can avoid a feeding tube
- that he will continue to resist infection (right now he's showing no signs of infection)
- that he will do well tonight while the family is actually going home to try to get some sleep!
- that Patrice's family will have safe travel on the icy North Carolina roads as they drive home
- that Patrice's sister-in-law Kim, one of my other nieces, will have safe air travel tomorrow as she heads home to New York

There's more on Patrice's blog if you'd like to check in to see more regular updates, as well as pictures of our sweet, sweet Jonah.

Thanks so much for remembering Jonah and his extended family!

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