Mar 30, 2009

Things I love: in the big boys' room

Earlier in the month I posted a mini-tour of Jake's room, because I love seeing other people's homes and ideas and thought you might like to see some of our home, too.

This week we'll be touring the big boys' room, which they've shared for a little over a year. (We transitioned Nick to this room about three months before Jake was born.)

It's painted kind of a celery green color, and those are navy blue corduroy curtains. They have a great blackout quality that helps the boys sleep a little later ... their room faces west, so you wouldn't think the morning sun would wake them up that quickly, but it does.

The top shelf of their bookshelf holds a few things that are special to me, but that aren't important to them yet. My friend Honor (who we just spent the weekend with in Chattanooga) cross-stitched the pillow on the left for Nathaniel when he was born, and my sister-in-law gave us the pillows in the middle and on the right for each of the boys when they were born (Jake's is in his room). I'M A SUCKER FOR PERSONALIZATION. Also on that shelf is a little Tooth Fairy Capsule that you're supposed to put your tooth in and hide it under your pillow ... my friend Missy's father is a dentist, and he sent this for each of the boys. Nicholas loves it and calls it "my magic."

The boys' favorite things in their room right now are probably THESE SHEETS. Star Wars paraphernalia rules our home. And actually, I'm a big fan of these sheets, myself. The text on them takes the guesswork out of which way is North when you're putting them on the bed. Stellar.

Just like in Jake's room, Nathaniel and Nick each have their own watercolor image of their name, which our dear family friend Dottie painted for them. Theirs are nautically themed, too, since they both started out in the nursery, but I chose their big-boy quilt specifically because the colors would still match the watercolors. AGAIN WITH THE PERSONALIZATION ... Love It.

This next item isn't pretty, but boy is it functional. This CD player has helped the boys drift off to sleep for years, listening to the latest Kids' Praise Album. They love the music, and I love how it lulls them to sleep. A must-have for a child's room!

Our niece and nephew Heather and Adam sent this book for one of the boys (I can't remember which one now), and it's Nick's favorite. He wants to read it EVERY BLESSED NIGHT before bed, and the illustrations are beautiful. I must say, the artist did some of the most vivid illustrations in this book than I've seen almost anywhere else. Aside from the repetitive text, it's a great book.

At the book fair at Nathaniel's school, this is the book he picked out: The Tale of Despereaux. At the time, he hadn't seen the movie, but he loves the book. We haven't quite finished it yet; Nick can't be bothered with it because it doesn't have any pictures. Therefore, we read a little in this one and then the Choo-Choo book so that they each get equal time with a book they like. I'll do almost anything to instill a love of reading in them, so we don't mind reading both.

Ooh! Another must-have item! These are the three Tyke Lights in our house: Nathaniel's is blue, Jake's is red and Nick's is green. These are nightlights the kids take to bed with them ... they don't get hot, and they turn off automatically after 15 minutes. The kids LOVE them, and so do I. I highly recommend them!

I really like these firetruck and police car prints by Joy Alldredge, which I purchased at Christmas Village years ago. They match the linens really well and were suitable for boys ... and weren't garish like a lot of other art I found. It won't be much longer before they outgrow these, but they've been great for the time I've had them.

THIS is a really special piece of furniture; my friend Honor's granddaddy built it, and it's just beautiful. Because the closet in the boys' room is full of all sorts of "stuff," this armoire serves as their closet. It holds all of their folded and hanging clothes, plus their shoes, so it's ultra-handy as well sentimentally special to me.

Last stop on the tour: the Buddy Basket! This just cracks me up ... it's not the entire collection of stuffed animals they've been given over the years, but it contains their favorites, the ones we've kept and actually take care of. I never cared for stuffed animals growing up, so it's funny to me that they have several that they love. Again, they'll grow out of these soon, so I'm just chronicling it for good measure.

Thanks for indulging me during the tour! If you ever post something similar, please let me know so I can come visit!

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Sarah T. said...

I have a lot of great memories in that room with the boys, too!

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