Mar 22, 2009

His Wii Fit age is 31

The other day, Grayson set up his Wii Fit Mii, and he started with yoga. Nathaniel thought it looked interesting, so he decided to join him.

When Grayson set up his own Mii, his fitness evaluation told him that his Wii Fit Age is 44. Not bad, considering that he's actually 39.

When they set Nathaniel's Mii up, his fitness evaluation scored him with a Wii Fit Age of 31. Not quite as good, considering that he's actually 6.

Nick eventually got in on the act, but he was to impatient to set up his Mii. SHOCKING. Maybe one day.

But since there's only one board to stand on, you have to either go one at a time, or only one person gets measured at a time. Everyone else just does the exercises without the "feedback" from the virtual instructor. And I say "feedback" in quotes, because Grayson got all offended by his instructor's trash-talking ... like calling him a "couch potato."

It takes a fair amount of room to be able to exercise as instructed, so each day they have to move the ottoman and chairs out of the way, then push the rug back. Just tonight, we moved the rug out. Hopefully that will be the only modification the den has to see in order for Wii Fit to work in that room.

I'll let you know how much each of them improves over time. If Nathaniel can get his Age under 20, he'll be doing great!


Sarah T. said...

The main component of that "fit age" is balance (since that's one of about two things the board can measure), so I would imagine most 6 year olds don't have the greatest balance. Regardless, it's kind of hard not to be insulted by the fit age number Wii calculates. I measured exactly my age, and I was pissed that Wii doesn't think I'm 26. What. Ever.

Anonymous said...

In my defense my Wii Fit age in the standard test was only 33. Which was younger than Katherine's Wii Fit age.

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