Feb 27, 2009

Welcome, little Jonah.

As many of you know, our nephew and niece Matt and Patrice's first baby, Gabe, was stillborn at 37 weeks last April. (I mentioned it here, when we would have met him for the first time.)

We were beyond thrilled when they told us in August that that they were expecting baby #2, due in March of this year.

Well, Jonah Alexander Williams was born today, also at 37 weeks, and he needs your prayers. He was born with what looked like lesions on his skin, and he was in a lot of pain. He was rushed to the NICU before Matt and Patrice could spend any amount of time with him, and he's been transported to their local Children's Hospital. He is mildly sedated and they are treating the wounds as if they were burns.

The doctors have floated a couple of theories, but I'm hesitant to repeat them and really only want to pass along what Patrice has said on her blog. One additional note is that Patrice's OB has written her a six-hour pass to go see him tonight, which is a blessing.

They have had such a tough road already, with Gabe, and now this. My heart just aches for them. I ask for your prayers that they will have strength and feel peace right now, and that Jonah will be healed and be resistant to infection, which is one of the foremost risks with a condition like this.

I'll probably forgo regular posts until we get past some of this initial news, and you can also check in at Patrice's blog for information as she has a chance to post. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for this precious couple!

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