Feb 12, 2009

Things I think about (an incomplete list)

1. I can't tell Billy Gilman's and Jo Dee Messina's voices apart. Luckily neither of them has any songs topping the charts today, but whenever I hear one of their oldies, I get all confused. Her "Bring on the Rain" and his "One Voice" sound like the same person.

2. The ratio of Good Stuff to Base Ice Cream. If I wanted vanilla, I'd buy vanilla. I WANTED Cookies 'n' Cream, not Vanilla with a Beauty Mark.

3. I wish Charles and Di had had a third son. Wills and Harry are my baselines for Nathaniel and Nicholas. One, predictable, decorous, responsible, charitable, with a girlfriend to match. The other, unpredictable, fiery, partying, taking on the world (literally, in the British Army or something ... I'm not big on the details). Both admirable and beloved by many for different reasons. But how in the world am I to know what to expect from Jake? WINDSORS, WHERE ARE YOU WHEN I NEED YOU?

1 comment:

Sarah T. said...

Jake'll be all mellow and happy smiles. He'll love you in his soft, special way with those big baby blues.

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