Feb 28, 2009

And now, we wait.

I talked to my niece Kim, Patrice's sister-in-law, tonight. She has been with them at the hospital since before Jonah was born, and will stay until tomorrow, possibly until Monday.

She said that we're now waiting on the lab results which will tell us which of the sub-types of EB Jonah has, and that may take up to three weeks. Until then, they'll try to keep infection at bay and keep Jonah comfortable.

As of today, it looks like Jonah will be in the hospital for several months, and Matt will go back to work a week from Monday. Family members will try to fill in the gaps of time when Matt can't be there so that they can keep Patrice company at the hospital and just be prayer warriors, in general.

I'll try to post periodic updates, if only to link to Patrice's blog, for those of you who want to keep up with Jonah's progress. Thanks to everyone who has e-mailed me and linked to Patrice's blog to give them your support! The kindness of loved ones and strangers alike is overwhelming and so appreciated.

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