Feb 8, 2009

67 and sunny

We're having the most beautiful weekend here in Birmingham ... it's been sunny and warm for 48 hours. We spent yesterday at the park, and this morning I took the boys to church but am planning on keeping them outside all afternoon! Yesterday ...

The park was PACKED. Shorts-and-T-shirt weather in February causes everyone to want to get outside and show off their winter-white skin.

That's Nathaniel on the middle slide.

The sky was cloudless.

The Gatorade was flowing.

The big-boy cap was protecting our eyes from the bright sunlight.

The woodchips in the grass were ripe for the picking for an afternoon snack. Who needs Cheerios when you have woodchips?

And this is a completely gratuitous picture of cute, fat baby toes and knuckles.


Megan @ Hold it Up to the Light said...

What Park is that? We have to go there!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Megan, It's Veterans' Park on Valleydale. You go to the entrance to Spain Park High School and turn in there. It's on the right. It's my favorite Bham park. Miles of running/bike trails, tons of play equipment, CLEAN BATHROOMS, a pond ... it's WONDERFUL!!

Sarah T. said...

Jake is Grayson's kid. Like, for 100% sure.

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