Jan 26, 2009

It's back

Jake started having a tough time breathing last night at bedtime, and Grayson carted him back to the Children's Hospital ER at 2:00 this morning after consulting with the on-call nurse. Once there, they treated and released him, and they were home again around 5:30 this morning ... but Jakey has had a rough day.

Grayson took him to the pediatrician this afternoon to try to be worked in; he was running a temp of 102 and having more difficulty breathing, and now we're the proud owners of an electric nebulizer, which we're using to give him breathing treatments every few hours.

The pediatrician did his bloodwork and said the RSV is back, which is really disappointing since we were half way through the 12-weeks-of-symptoms-but-generally-he's-almost-over-it period. Turns out, that honeymoon is over. Dr. Amy thinks this might be a different strain of RSV, but whatever it is, it walks and talks the same as the last kind. Translation: THIS TOTALLY SUCKS.

Hard to believe that I took the picture below just yesterday afternoon, and by last night he was in such distress. Please keep our Jakey in your thoughts and prayers as he starts the recovery process again!

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