Jan 23, 2009

Because I've exhausted all my other options

My friend Betsy's sister is the main reason Obama was elected was instrumental in the success of Barack Obama's presidential campaign and joined him in the Presidential Box for the inauguration parade on Tuesday.

Grayson was watching parade coverage at home when he heard her name mentioned, and he quickly hit "Record" on TiVo and saved it for me.

I grabbed the video camera and taped a one-minute segment to share with Betsy via e-mail when I got home from work, but neither my home nor work e-mail will allow me to attach it, and my attempts to burn it to CD for her were successful EXCEPT THAT THE AUDIO WOULDN'T TRANSFER. And the audio is kind of a key element.

So, this post is purely for Betsy, and the other seven of you who visit this blog to experience my regular high-brow, thought-provoking treatises probably have no use for it. Back to more posts about things like People Who Eat Food Improperly and Reasons Top Chef Contestants Bother Me next week.

Betsy, pay close attention around the 30-second mark.

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