Dec 19, 2008



So much has changed in the past year! In April we welcomed Jake into the family, making you a big brother for the second time. You’ve handled it just as well as you did the first time, but I’ve also asked you to take on more responsibility this time. Just last week when I asked you to do something, you whined, “But I have to do SO MUCH now. I have to get burpcloths and diapers and wipes and pacis when you ask me to.” And that’s all true! I DO ask a lot of you, because you are so capable of doing so much more than you’ve ever been before.

You love Jake so very much, and you are tender and loving with him. Like you were with Nicholas, you just can’t wait until he’s old enough to play with you … although you’ve also said that you want him to remain a baby forever! You love having a baby in the house, and you are very diligent about helping take care of him. And the love is mutual! Jake lights up whenever you or Nicholas walk into the room … he loves to give you little hugs and just beams whenever you guys play with him.

The second big milestone of your year was STARTING KINDERGARTEN in August. I remember that I was a little apprehensive last year about you starting public school. I needn’t have worried for a moment! The first day of school, you elected to ride on the bus, and you jumped on and were gone in the blink of an eye. No fear, just excitement. You made friends immediately, and you’ve never looked back; I’m so proud of you for making such a seamless adjustment, and for continuing to be an obedient, pleasant student.

You and Nicholas continue to have such a wonderful sibling relationship; you are a great example to him, as well as his best friend. Luckily you enjoy most of the same things, and although you don’t get along ALL the time, you certainly love each other more than I could ever have hoped, and it makes me feel so blessed to watch you play together. You love sharing a bedroom – although you get frustrated if you’re sleepy and he wants to talk to you all night – and you’ve asked if when Jake gets a little older, he can just move in with the two of you! (Umm, no.)

I love coming in to give you a kiss goodnight on my way to bed and seeing you sleeping peacefully. I love the way you run up and give me a big hug when I pick you up from after-school care. I love that you love to be tickled until you lose your breath. I love the way you show affection to everyone in our family. I love the light that shines from within you. I love being your mommy, every day and every night, and I am so excited to see how much you change and grow this year.


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