Dec 29, 2008

Not that there's anything wrong with that

People have a hard time recommending movies to me because -- even if it's "the best movie EVER" -- they know that if it doesn't have a fairly happy ending or a clear resolution, I'll hate it. Well, maybe not HATE it, but I'll probably complain about it.

I can enjoy a movie that is sort of dark or heavy, but it has to have a payoff for me at the end. Shawshank Redemption and Michael Clayton are good examples of that. The Dark Knight is an example of the OPPOSITE of that.

I've sort of always been that way, but since I had kids, I've gotten even worse about it. It seems like there is so much bad stuff in the world, I just want to focus on the good as much as possible. And I can't figure out why people think there's something wrong with that! Lots of my friends think I'm missing out on some quality entertainment (most recently, Marley & Me) because of my unwillingness to slug through the 5% of sadness in order to enjoy the 95% of happiness. As for life in general, yes, I'm willing to take those percentages. In the entertainment I choose to indulge in during my very little free time, I'm not -- I'd much rather take the sure bet of light and laughter and leave the sad parts behind.

Just watching the nightly news or The Today Show, I have to skillfully duck certain stories -- which I wouldn't have to do if they'd just TRY to give equal air time to the positive stories and the negative. But the negative stories seem to win out ... today on I could only click in to read a couple of things out of all the stories they chose to feature on the U.S. page (and don't get me STARTED on the International stories ... I can't even go to that PAGE anymore). Here's what they're offering up today:

WGAL: Historic building, classic cars destroyed
WCVB: Peace group fights recruiters in schools Residents mourn 7 house fire victims
WBAL: Men in dingy tossed into harbor
WABC: 2 escape before house explodes

WNCT: Pilot dead after Harrier crash
WPTV: 2 sisters attacked by neighbor's dog
WJXT: Right whale freed from debris
WFTV: Ship's video shows woman go overboard
WTOC: Exploding manholes knock out power

WOOD: Thousands without power seek shelter
WISC: Check for thin ice before fishing
KWTV: New McVeigh video opens old wounds
WISN: CO poisoning poses greater threat
WDIV: Losing Lions fire head coach

KPHO: Boy wedged between paper stacks
KPHO: 3 burned in grain explosion
KTLA: Woman killed in skydiving accident
KXTV: Oldest living U.S. man dies at 112
KUSA: Town puzzled over missing water

So, the only one I was able to read was "Right whale freed from debris," because it seemed to be heading the right direction. I suppose I could have read about the "missing water," but it sounded boring. But REALLY, CNN? I can only read ONE of your stories today without going into a funk?

I hope someone's New Year's Resolution for '09 is to put more positive energy out there in the form of news and entertainment. Pretty please with a cherry on top?

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heather said...

AMEN!!! LOVE IT! We all need positive energy - not TOXIC negativity!!

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