Oct 23, 2008

"Loving" this new "site"

I'm a copy editor by training, which is a curse when it comes to walking around in the world. Misspelled words, periods placed outside of quotation marks, extraneous commas, bad word choice and plain old typos haunt me in my dreams. And unfortunately, they also haunt me everywhere I go.

Yesterday I went to lunch with friends from The Place I Work, and we chose a place I'd never eaten before. It's a Mediterranean restaurant close to our office, and when the waitress handed me the menu, the front of it shouted "Meditteranean" in huge letters. They also sell "hommous," but I have seen hummus spelled many different ways -- so I assume that it's spelled differently in different parts of the world. Like "favourite." But I'm pretty sure that we're all supposed to spell "Mediterranean" the same way.

Anyway, my friend Rylan and I share a pet peeve involving the incorrect or gratuitous use of quotation marks: I am "going" to the store. Well, are you going or not? Because the way you used the quotes, it looks like you're staying home. One day on the way home from work, I saw a real estate sign pointing toward "New" Homes! So are they new or old? I'm confused.

Then yesterday, our mutual friend Paula sent me here, and I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

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