Oct 25, 2008

Let's call the whole thing off

I get a little testy when it's time to change all the clocks in my house.

Even though I only have to do it twice a year, it really irritates me. We're talking, I dread it for at least two weeks in advance. Thinking about going around to all 12 clocks in my house, changing the time, being frustrated that the alarm clocks only go in one direction, so I have to go forward 11 hours to make it right, instead of being able to go backward one hour ...

Don't even consider making fun of how many clocks I have in my house, because I bet you've just never counted yours. Den: 2. Playroom: 1. Kitchen: 3 (appliances count; those things don't change themselves.) Master bedroom: 2. Master bathroom: 1. Other 3 bedrooms: 3. So, 12. And that takes a while. Enough time that you want to think about starting early. Witness, last spring:

Grayson: "Wait. Is it already midnight?"

Me: "No."

Grayson: "Well, what time is it?"

Me: "11 o'clock."

Grayson: "Why do the clocks say it's midnight?"

Me: "Time changes this weekend."

Grayson: [Blink. Blink.] "IT'S ONLY FRIDAY."

By the way, don't forget to set your clocks back an hour next weekend.

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