Oct 29, 2008

Keep Jakey in prayer

We went to Jake's 6-month pediatrician's appointment yesterday, and he got a (mostly) great report. He's still off the charts on weight (almost 26 pounds) and height (almost 28 inches), and from a milestone perspective is doing everything he's supposed to be doing at 6 months of age.

You may remember from his 4-month visit that we were going to assess his head and see if he needs a CT scan. Basically, he has a flat spot on the right side and a bulge on the left side on the back of his head. A couple of months ago, the pediatrician wanted to watch it because she was concerned that his sutures might have closed early on the right side, which would lead to bulging on the left side and irregular brain growth. If this HAS happened, he will have to undergo surgery to correct it. (Because he's been a tummy sleeper for so long, there's no positional reason that this would have happened. In other words, he doesn't flatten one side of his head from sleeping on it that way.)

Yesterday Dr. Amy said that she wants to go ahead with the head CT, because the shape is still irregular -- and better safe than sorry. I've scheduled the CT for Tuesday, Nov. 4, so please be praying that his results will come back normal and there will be no need for surgery. I REALLY don't want him to have to have surgery.

1 comment:

Rachel said...

I will pray for him!
Dr. Amy is our doctor too! She's wonderful.

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