Sep 28, 2008

The destination must be worth the journey

Based on its title, you might think I'm going somewhere worthwhile with this post.

No. I'm going to watermelon. While cutting up what was probably our last watermelon of the season, I was thinking -- this brain just doesn't
stop -- that watermelon would be a much better fruit if it would slice itself into four equal quarters, de-seed itself, cut itself into perfect bite-size chunks, put its own heavy carcass in a plastic bag and haul itself down to the trash can at the bottom of the driveway. If it could do all of that, its stock would really rise in my eyes.

I mean, you can do all that to a watermelon, and then you take a bite, and sometimes it's almost tasteless. Even the Culinary Savior Known as Salt can't improve it. This summer, we seem to have run roughly 50-50 odds that we'll end up with a watermelon that was worth all the trouble. And that really twirls me up.

1 comment:

The Grays: said...

You are so hilarious! I'm so glad you shared your blog with us. We are definitely going to enjoy checking in from time to time. Can't wait to get together again soon. Sincerely, Simon (San and Sofi)

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